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International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power

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Steam power is staging what may prove to be the biggest grass-roots comeback in the history of the industrial revolution! From micro-horsepower to megawatts, from microchips to motorcycles, and from wheel chairs to missions to mars, STEAM POWER IS BECOMING PROMINENT IN VIRTUALLY EVERY INDUSTRY IN EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD.

The IAASP is leading the way, as THE FIRST and ONLY International non-profit Association for the Advancement of Steam Power.

Founded and operated by a dedicated team of volunteers, the IAASP has the plan and the determination, and will grow to meet the challenges of its mission.

All of us at IAASP hope that you'll join us in the re-revolution of steam power!

Dennis A. Dudzik, P.E. - Founder

Dear Steam Power Pioneer,

Some developments have a greater apparent impact, or potential impact, on the forward progress of steam power than others. Not surprisingly, this development has already had the benefit of input from some of our IAASP pioneers (Thanks Tom Kimmel and other SACA folks).

Please have a look at this featured steam power site of Janicki Bioenergy's Omni Processor, and let's chat about the possibilities.


Best regards, and thank you for your continued efforts to advance modern steam power.

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